Seal Coating

Asphalt Sealing

Prolong the life of your pavement with regular surface treatments or increase the aesthetic appearance with a fresh ”Jet Black“ finish. Regional is one the Southwest’s largest applicators of ”MTR“, Rubber Enhanced Asphalt Emulsion, and “PMM” high performance surface treatment both distributed and manufactured by Seal Master.

“PMM” exceeds the specifications and out performs any product in its class — including HA5.

We are one of a select few that can provide both squeegee and spray applications to any specification for any size project.

  • Statewide Service
  • Spray & Squeegee Applications
  • Hot Rubberized ”Injection“ Crackfill
  • 24 Hour Striping & Barricading
  • Polymeric Oil Spot Primers
  • Employee Training Program

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